Photos © Alex Gotter

(Un)Expected Form


(Un)Expected Form concerns the enactment of illusions and presents abstract concepts in various visual forms .

Artists act as translators by using their artistic expression to create a dialog between reality and illusion. The distortion of sensory perceptions fabricates the illusory sensation of a vision.

What is at stake is the representation of the link between art and the natural world – natural meaning all physical objects and phenomena that fall under nature’s laws. The artist’s ability to link sensory perceptions of the natural world to their personal experience through abstract creation is an essential artistic principle.

Artists are bound to the natural world through their use of materials, thereby bridging  the gap between the real and the fantastical. This process gives rise to a duality, triggered by the subjective eye of the spectator. In (Un)Expected Form the artwork functions as an ambivalent message that is ultimately materialised and expressed through the viewer’s subjective interpretation.



Sebastien de Ganay

Konrad Strutz 

Olivier Hölzl

Vika Prokopaviciute

Philip Mentzingen

Lionel Favre

Isabelle Spizzi

Claudio Farkasch

Anna Mautner Markhof

Franz Dude

Nicole Prutsch

Philip Kruder

Laura Schreiner

Linda Berger

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