Photos © Claudio Farkasch 



Paradise Lost


Hatschepsut Huss takes John Milton’s Paradise Lost out of its original context, reproducing through her drawings a personalized version of the text. By re-casting Milton’s themes in her own terms, Huss opens up a new platform for discussing Milton’s underlying focus on individuality. Specifically, she examines Milton’s vision of the hierarchical nature of the universe in relation to her own exposure to the Friedrichshof Commune. Organized to eradicate all sense of the nuclear family, the Friedrichshof Commune was conceived and lead by the “Wiener Aktionismus” protagonist Otto Muehl, under whose social construct and ideals Hatschepsut Huss lived until her fourth birthday. It is against this experience that Huss’ exhibition plays, adding depth to the dialogue between the contemporary artist and the vision of individuality in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Design by © Lena Manfredini